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  • Beaches


    Ringed by 50 miles of beautiful white sand beaches, Kauai is a beach-lover’s fantasy. Some of the top beaches are in...

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  • Water Sports & Instruction

    Water Sports & Instruction

    Kauai offers an incredible variety of ocean and water sports, and if you haven't mastered them already, you can learn...

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  • Hiking


    Kauai north shore hikes are world-renowned, and many hikers choose Hanalei Colony as their convenient home base for...

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  • Golfing


    Golf on Kauai is truly world-class in stature, with Kauai golf courses consistently ranking among the top 100 in the...

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  • Aerial Tours

    Aerial Tours

    For many visitors, a Kauai helictopter tour is the most unforgettable and awesome experience of their entire...

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  • Limahuli Garden & Preserve

    Limahuli Garden & Preserve

    Located just five minutes from Hanalei Colony Resort, this spectacular botanical garden is believed to be one of the...

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  • Scuba & Snorkeling

    Scuba & Snorkeling

    Hawaii's warm, clear waters provide ample opportunity to explore the fabulous tropical underwater world, and Kauai...

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  • Sunset & Day Cruises

    Sunset & Day Cruises

    Kauai’s magnificent Napali Coast sets the stage for incredible boat excursions, one of the most popular outings for...

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  • Stand Up Paddleboard

    Stand Up Paddleboard

    One of the most popular activities around the world. Stand up paddleboarding is a must try for everyone. Go out and try...

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  • Surfing


    Hawaii was the birthplace for the sport of surfing, and there are plenty of opportunities on Kauai to ride the...

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  • Sightseeing


    There's an amazing variety of scenic drives and Kauai sightseeing options nearby Hanalei Colony. Whether exploring on a...

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  • Bird Watching

    Bird Watching

    Kauai is a bird-watcher’s paradise, with a variety of endangered, unique, and rare birds that can only be found in the...

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  • Horseback Rides

    Horseback Rides

    Horseback riding excursions provide a wonderful way to explore the hidden trails, valleys, and coastal areas of Kauai....

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  • Luau


    No trip to Hawaii is complete until you've experienced a luau, a festive gathering featuring an evening of Hawaiian...

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  • Zip Line & ATV Tours

    Zip Line & ATV Tours

    Fly through the treetops and swing through lush valleys on a zipline, one of the most popular and breathtaking Kauai...

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  • Mountain Water Tubing

    Mountain Water Tubing

    Loads of fun, this one-of-a-kind excursion allows you to water-tube your way through canals, tunnels, and flumes that...

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  • Fishing


    For sport fishing enthusiasts, Kauai’s aquamarine waters offer some of the finest deep-sea fishing in the world. As the...

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There’s an unlimited number of fun things to do on Kauai. Kauai north shore is world-famous for its lush, tropical beauty, and the area surrounding Hanalei Colony offers a wealth of natural and cultural attractions, activities, and sightseeing opportunities. Within just a short drive from our vacation condos, you’ll find many of the island’s most popular activities, allowing you to explore the island from land, sea, or sky. Hiking trails are abundant, and the north shore beaches are spectacular, providing a wide range of water sports including snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, and kayaking. Boat tours and helicopter excursions are two of the most memorable sightseeing experiences on Kauai, transporting you to hidden areas that are accessible only by sea or air. Horseback riding, championship golf, zip lines, and botanical gardens are all nearby. And Kauai’s wildlife presents its own diversion, with humpback whales spouting offshore and native birds nesting in protected north shore sanctuaries.

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You can be as busy or as “un-busy” as you want on Kauai. That’s part of its magic. Spend your days lolling peacefully on the beach, or get out and explore all the attractions this magnificent island has to offer.