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Bird Watching

  • Kauai birdwatching is some of the best in all of Hawaii.

Incredible Kauai Birdwatching

Kauai is a bird-watcher’s paradise, with a variety of endangered, unique, and rare birds that can only be found in the Hawaiian Islands. Home to unusual and endangered birds like the alae (Hawaiian gallinule),  ‘alae ke’o ke’o (Hawaiian coot),  ‘ae’o (Hawaiian stilt), albatross, shearwater, Hawaiian nene goose, and the mystical white owl, our island is a fascinating place for Kauai birdwatching enthusiasts. A variety of birds can be seen all across the island, but there are two north shore sanctuaries—Hanalei Valley Game Refuge and Kilauea Lighthouse Refuge—just a short distance from Hanalei Colony. In addition, the Kokee Museum on Kauai’s west side, offers native bird-watching hikes.

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