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Incomparable Kauai Sightseeing and Scenic Drives

There’s an amazing variety of scenic drives and Kauai sightseeing options nearby Hanalei Colony. Whether exploring on a guided tour or driving on your own, it’s easy to get out and see the sights! Kauai is a relatively small island, but big on sightseeing opportunities. And it could be said that no matter where you drive on this glorious island, it will truly be a “scenic drive.” The island is ringed by a two-lane highway that starts on the north shore (very near Hanalei Colony) and circles the island to the east, south, then west side—but not all the way around, leaving an 11-mile stretch in between that is accessible only by hiking trail or by sea. So, you can’t drive AROUND the entire island of Kauai, but it’s easy to navigate the island, either with one of the many excellent guided tours or by to read driving at your own leisurely pace.  From Hanalei Colony, at the northernmost end of the road, to Waimea Canyon, an awe-inspiring natural site (dubbed “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific”) at the opposite end of the road on the west side, the drive takes about 4 hours one way–and there are many sights to see along the way. So plan to hit the road for at least one full day and truly explore Kauai. Guided tours can make this even more interesting, as Kauai tour guides are known for being highly knowledgable AND entertaining!

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