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If you're a chocolate lover, here's a unique and fun activity to consider when you're on Kauai. Only offered once a year, a Chocolate Making Workshop is being offered on November 5th in Hanalei. Held at the Garden Island Chocolate Factory, this 6-hour intensive is your opportunity to make your own chocolate using Kauai-grown cacao beans.

Not only will you be experimenting with the three major types of Theobroma Cacao beans - Criollo, Trinitario & Forastero - you'll be eating and drinking chocolate all day. And, the best part? You'll take home 1/2 pound of Kauai chocolate when you're done. Chocolate aficionados have to love that!

So when you're staying at the Hanalei Colony Resort, mark your calendar for November 5th. Discover all the different aspects of growing and making chocolate from beans to bars.

The event is $169/person and if you register as a couple, it's $149/person. It runs from 9am to 3pm and is approx. 5 miles from the Resort. For more details visit