Goats kauais north shore

11e763d58eb7df772f6509aea6d558d0b4940308While you may associate a visit to Kaua`i with beaches, snorkeling and surfing, consider a new adventure with your kids. A farm tour at Kaua`i Kunana Dairy is a unique experience – sample goat cheese, interact with the goats, check out their honey bees, taste fruit from their exotic trees and more. Both you and your kids may learn something new about the simple ways the Wooton family is making their farm sustainable. “I can’t say enough wonderful things about it,” wrote Tracey on her blog. “The tour was done by a second generation farmer who both worked on the farm, and was a walking encyclopedia about all the plants and animals on the farm.” “We learned about the goats and the process of milking them and making cheese. My sons got to feed the mama goats and play with the baby goats. They were in absolute heaven.” Kaua`i Kunana Dairy was started in 1979. Located on Kauai’s spectacular north shore, the farm house was built by co-owner Bob Wooton in 1999. Licensed to sell cheese, the Wootons started with a milking herd of 12 goats. Today, almost 13 years later, Kaua`i Kunana Dairy has a milking herd of 30 does with a full herd of over 60 goats. Tracey loved what the farm tour taught her kids. “I really wanted them to experience farm life – and to know where food comes from. Plus, I wanted them to see live chickens and goats – to interact with them and to have empathy for everything they do for us – as well as the delicious eggs, milk, and cheese they provide. –  and to know where food comes from.” Enjoy Kauai’s north shore beaches, but why not add something completely different on your Kauai vacation? The Dairy offers 2-3 hour tours on Mondays and Thursday, by reservation only. Tours are $35/adult and kids under 12 are free.