9 interesting facts you may not know about gardenias

938e3673fff2f0ae080af35b42041b89f9c6752b When we posted this lovely image of a gardenia on HCR’s Fan Page, hundreds of people saw it, many commented and still others shared it. So we thought we’d share 9 facts you may not know about this fragrant white blossom. Did you know that the gardenia is . . . 1. Named after the famous Scottish botanist Dr Alexander Garden? Dr. Garden emigrated to South Carolina in 1752. It was there that he became known as a naturalist studying the flora and fauna of the state. 2. A member of the coffee family? There are 140 species of this fabulous flowering plant. 3. Not native to Hawai`i? It is native to tropical and subtropical regions such as Africa, southern Asia, Australasia and Oceania. 4. A flower that means secret love, purity and joy is often associated with thoughts of beauty? 5. Commonly used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize the love & purity of marriage? 6. Admired for its sweet smell and therefore, often used in sought-after perfumes? 7. In Chinese herbal tradition, used for medicinal purposes to calm irritability and anxiety? One of the most popular cultivated species is the Cape jasmine, native to China. 8. The traditional flower which men wear as boutonnieres in France? 9. A plant that requires high humidity, well-drained soil, and either full sun, partial shade or shifting shade to flourish? Ready to plant gardenias in your garden? With tender loving care, whether you live on Kaua`i or not, you too can enjoy these magnificent and heavenly scented flowers. If you have a beautiful photo of a gardenia (or other flower) to share, head on over to our Facebook page and post it for all to enjoy. http://facebook.com/hanaleicolonyresort Mahalo!