Express yourself with a lei

d9dfd7041d6fbfbd1c84c21020648945b3ab73c0 Beautiful and aromatic, the Hawaiian lei is one gift everyone is always pleased to receive. Synonymous with the spirit of aloha, it can be created from just about anything – from flowers or shells to feathers or seeds. Fragrant plumeria and pikake are some of the more commonly used flowers here on Kaua`i. A lei is bestowed upon its recipient for any number of reasons, the most popular occasions being birthdays, graduations, retirements, anniversaries, and weddings. If you come to Kauai to visit friends, they may greet you with one upon your arrival. It’s a thoughtful way to let you know not only that they’re happy to see you, but you’re welcome to our island. Learn the art of lei making during your stay at our Kauai resort. Simply sign up at the Front Desk for the Friday lei making class. Enjoy meeting other guests as you string together a flower lei – one you can then bestow on someone you care about (or keep for yourself).