Kee beach on kauai

3aafd3636a6c9c1259725062a5173e535317f98eOn Kaua`i there is, literally, an end of the road.  Get in your car, venture to the north shore and keep driving. When you can go no further, you’re there. The gem you’ll find at the end of the road is a turquoise lagoon known as Ke`e Beach.  You’ll also find yourself at the base of  Mt. Makana (the pyramid-shaped peak known to movie fans as “Bali Hai” from the 60’s  film “South Pacific”) and at the foot of the famous 11-mile Kalalau Trail. The best time to plan your trip to Ke`e Beach is first thing in the morning. A picturesque backdrop, the quiet calm here offers excellent snorkeling and swimming in the cove, a serene meditation spot, or a peaceful  stroll along a white sand beach.  The ocean conditions are calmest in the summer months.  One of the most visited beaches on Kaua`i, the parking fills up quickly, so it’s best to arrive before it gets too crowded. Just a short hike (about ½ mile) along the Kalalau Trail will lead you to awesome views of the Na Pali Coast.  You can hike another mile and a half to reach Hanakapi`ai Beach or 3 ½ miles to Hankapi`ai Falls. From the trail, the majestic pali (cliffs) stretch along the coast & the ocean water is so clear you can see the turtles swimming below you. When you’re staying at the Hanalei Colony Resort, you’re only moments away from Ke`e Beach. Hop in your car, turn right out of the driveway and take advantage of this amazing spot. It’s a great place to start your day or head over there at the end of your day for a picnic at sunset.