Polynesian canoes sail into hanalei bay

56cd09ebd2b4852c642710677a2e90d0e876232a Those standing on the shores of Hanalei Bay on Wednesday, July 6th were treated to a majestic sight as seven Polynesian canoes sailed into the Bay. After leaving New Zealand in April, the seven canoes have been sailing the Pacific Ocean for more than 2 months before reaching The Garden Island of Kauai. The first of the seven canoes to reach Hanalei was The Haunui. Hundreds of Kaua`i residents and visitors were there to greet the crew and the six vessels that followed. Known as the Pacific Voyagers, the crews use ancient Polynesian practices - the stars, the ocean & the surrounding wildlife - to navigate the waters. According to the Web site, "We're sailing across the Pacific to renew our ties to the sea and its life-sustaining strength.  The ocean is the origin of life, and it continues to give us air to breathe, fish to eat, and nourishes our soul as well. As threatened as the ocean is now, however, it soon can no longer provide us with these essential life services." "Sailing together, we seek the wisdom of our ancestors and the knowledge of scientists to keep the Pacific healthy and give our grandchildren a future." Read more about the project at http://pacificvoyagers.org Whether you're staying at the Hanalei Colony Resort Kaui vacation condos or somewhere close by, be sure to take a trip into Hanalei and view the canoes as well as greet the crews up close & personal while they're on Kauai. They will be moored in Hanalei Bay until Sunday July 10th. At that time, they'll set sail for San Francisco, California. Then, onto Rapa Nui, the Marquesas Islands and Tahiti.