Where Should I Go to Eat Authentic Hawaiian Food?

50a5401fde1ae2496b17fbdbff8752008919ab04For a traditional, mouth-watering meal in Kauai, we have the perfect places to complete your Hawaiian experience while you enjoy your beautiful Kauai suite. Look for the Hanalei Juice & Taro Company lunch wagons. For less than $10 per person, you can expect a generously-portioned plate with plenty of meat and a variety of vegetarian options. Meal options include Hawaiian favorites such as Laulau, Kalua Pig, Poi, Lomi Salmon, and Kulolo made from taro grown on their farm. For a more contemporary flavor, Taro Veggie Burgers, Taro Mochi Cake, Tropical Taro Smoothies, and Banana Poi Bread and Taro Hummus. photoThe wagons serve up a number of dishes with Taro root- making sure you’re full and have energy to enjoy our Kauai resort. Taro is a Hawaiian staple and famous for filling you up with less calories. The vegetable can be prepared in many different ways, and is rich with vitamins and nutrients. Experience the Hawaiian staple, Taro in a variety of flavors knowing that all ingredients used in your meal came straight from a Hanalei farm. Hanalei Juice and Taro Co. also sell their farm fresh meals and products at the Kauai Community Market located at the Kauai Community College every Saturday from 9:30AM to 1PM. Locals agree that Hanalei Juice and Taro Co. Lunch Wagons serve the best for traditional food without attending a Luau.


There’s an incredible selection of ono grinds (delicious food) that can be found at all of Kauai's festivals. Sample favorite island foods at very reasonable prices. Annual culinary events showcase Hawaii's fine seafood and produce. In March, you can experience the Taste of Old Kauai, an amazing cultural and tasty tour. While learning about Hawaii’s staff of life: taro, or kalo as it’s known in Hawaii, guests sample cooked taro corms, poi and kulolo, a traditional dessert made with coconut. Food is sacred to native Hawaiians and you’ll learn about the importance of poi and feeding ohana (family) and community.   During the tour, you’ll visit the gardens used to feed that Waipa Ohana keiki (children) programs and volunteers. Produce is grown using sustainable methods and includes corn, kale, cucumbers, greens, lettuce, carrots, purple and yellow sweet potatoes, eggplant and green beans. The public can buy this produce at the Waipa Farmers Market held every Tuesday from 2PM to 4PM. After a relaxing walk along Hanalei Bay, guests learn about fishing techniques and resource management at Waipa’s restored fishpond.   Lunch is served Ohana Style, prepared by Waipa’s chef. The menu changes seasonally and is made with vegetables grown in onsite gardens, locally sourced meat or fish, and mamaki tea with lemongrass and mint. The Taste of Old Kauai festival takes place Friday, March 22nd from 9AM to 2PM at Waipa ahupuaa and is $115 per person.


To complete your Hawaiian food experience, attend a luau and taste the true flavor of Kauai. The luaus are the most vibrant mixture of culture and Hawaiian flavor in one night, and will be an unforgettable experience. There’s nothing like a hot pig roasting in an underground pit and beautiful Hawaiian women dancing the Hula. Yes, that’s really what you can expect a traditional luau. It’s a fact that no person leaves a Hawaiian Luau hungry!   There are several Luaus in Kauai, with delicious food and authentic entertainment to stimulate your senses. If you’re staying at Hanalei Colony Resort, we recommend attending the “Hanalei By The Sea Luau” at The Mediterranean Gourmet Restaurant at Hanalei Colony Resort. This unique Kauai luau takes place every Tuesday evening at 6PM. Prices are $69 for adults; $59 for teens (ages 12 to 20); $35 for children (ages 11 and under). You can expect an unforgettable Oceanside Luau! Hanalei by the Sea Luau includes the following:
  • Lei Greeting
  • Traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian dances
  • Thrilling Fire Knife Dancer
  • Delicious buffet dinner featuring traditional luau foods including lomi lomi salmon, taro rolls, poi, fresh island fish, kalua pork, haupia cake, and other island favorites
  • Adult pricing includes a frosty Mai Tai, a glass of house wine or a beer.
Advance reservations are required. Please contact Guest Services at 808.826.9875 or by email at guestservices@hcr.com. If you’re looking for authentic Hawaiian food to savor during your stay at our fabulous Kauai resort in Hanalei Bay, we recommend fitting all the above tastes of Kauai into your vacation. Is your mouth watering yet?