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The Experience

Experience the Island’s Beauty and Culture at Our Kauai Resort

The Hanalei Colony experience is truly unique among Kauai resorts.  It’s not about the buildings or amenities. It’s about the place. And the experience begins before you arrive.

Near the charming town of Hanalei on Kauai’s lush north shore, the road narrows to two lanes then meanders along for several more miles. It’s a magnificent journey, bordered by emerald mountains laced with waterfalls on one side, stretches of white beach and aquamarine seas on the other. After crossing seven picturesque one-lane bridges, travelers arrive at Hanalei Colony and are transported back in time to an area of pristine natural beauty: Ha’ena.

There is nothing tame or polished about this area. It is raw, just as Nature created it. Sometimes the waves gently lap the shore; sometimes they crash onto the beach. Sometimes the wind softly rustles the coconut fronds; sometimes it bends the trees with a fury as if to make them snap. Ha’ena contains a spirit called mana by the old Hawaiians–a power that emanates from sacred places. It is said that Ha’ena has strong mana, and it is the source of many ancient legends.

Life is slow here. That’s part of the allure. There’s plenty to keep you busy, if you wish. But no hustle-bustle and no pressure to do anything but sit and breathe in the warm sea air, if that’s your heart’s desire. Often, guests say they are illuminated…recharged…transformed by their experience at Hanalei Colony.

Walking the beach with no destination in mind, enjoying morning coffee accompanied by the sound of the surf, watching the moon and stars emerge over Hanalei Bay…these are powerful moments. For some people, life-changing. For most, magical. It is the mana of Ha’ena. The word “Ha,” part of Ha’ena’s name, means “breath of life,” an apt description for this place’s power to renew the soul.

You won’t find shopping malls, towering high-rises, or symphony orchestras here. Instead, Mother Nature has created her own masterpiece for you to enjoy, conceived on a canvas of land, sea and sky:  emerald peaks against scarlet-gold sunsets, a full moon glistening on the sea, soft evening breezes scented with plumeria, rain forests shrouded in mountain mists, the sea lapping the shore, warm sand beneath your toes.  THIS is the Hanalei Colony experience.

For an in-depth, charming, and first-person account of the history of Hanalei Colony Resort, we invite you to purchase the newly-published book Hanalei Colony Resort: A Special Place, a labor of love by author George Ksander, who owns a unit at Hanalei Colony. The book is available for purchase at Hanalei Colony Resort or online at

We look forward to welcoming you to our Kauai condo rentals for the vacation of a lifetime.