5 ways to celebrate earth day on kauai

It's no secret we value the serenity and stunning natural beauty of Kauai's north shore. We want to keep our island paradise enjoyable for generations to come and thought of five fun and green ways to celebrate Earth Day this year. E – Enjoy nature's simple pleasures at the beach. Our guests love the simplicity of life at Hanalei Colony Resort and spending many blissful hours relaxing on the golden beaches, basking in the tropical sun, or walking hand-in-hand with a loved one along the shore. A – Appreciate nature up close at the Limahuli Garden and Preserve. Only five minutes away from your front door at Hanalei Colony, step into this 17-acre Garden that is home to native Hawaiian plants, including many varieties on the endangered list. The adjoining 985-acre Preserve is not open to the public in order to protect and conserve the precious plant life within it. R – Respect nature under the sea with a scuba or snorkeling excursion to learn about the local marine life and fragile ocean ecosystem. Swim with a school of tropical fish, view the live coral and underwater lava tubes, and explore the wonders of the underwater world. T – Trek your way to stunning views on a hike. There are a variety of nearby options for leisure hikers, especially those looking to capture the spectacular Napali Coast on camera. For our advanced hikers seeking an unforgettable hiking experience, the 11-mile Kalalau Trail is legendary but requires some advance preparation. H – Hear the sounds of nature through birdwatching. Hawaii is home to many unique and endangered birds such as the 'alae ke'o ke'o (Hawaiian coot). Listen to the sounds of Kauai's native birds before you arrive, then see how many you recognize while on the island. Have a wonderful Earth Day celebration however you choose to celebrate, and we won't tell if you decide to simply enjoy nature from the comfort of your private oceanfront lanai!