Ocean safety on kauai

a23157d79ebd418b342672443063ebe03d9b4652 Ocean Awareness: Kauai’s ocean is both beautiful and powerful.  Please exercise caution and common sense at all times in the water (and even walking along the beach during high surf). Our advice for those unfamiliar with the ocean is to always stand and watch the water for a while.  If you are going into the sea in an unfamiliar spot, look for other swimmers to verify that it is a good swimming beach. Never turn your back on the surf! If you have any questions about safety, ask someone in the area.  During high surf be extremely cautious where you go into the water. When in doubt, don’t go out. Lifeguards: Ask lifeguards for swimming & safety tips. When you see warning signs posted, please read & abide by them. You’ll find lifeguard stations at Ke`e Beach, Haena Beach Park, and Hanalei Bay. For daily lifeguard reports, visit http://kauaiexplorer.com. Rescue tubes: In certain areas, where no lifeguard is present, you’ll find rescue tubes such as between Kepuhi Beach (outside Hanalei Colony Resort) and the Y camp (sometimes called Naue Beach or Banana Beach). Respect the reef: Kauai’s coral reefs are living eco-systems. They are home to many species of marine life and can be destroyed quickly. Please do not stand or walk on them. What does it mean? Here are some definitions to help you understand common ocean safety terms: High surf advisory - A High Surf Advisory is issued when breaking wave action poses a threat to life and property within the surf zone. Advisories are issued for conditions that may cause major inconvenience and could lead to situations that threaten life or property. High surf criteria vary by region. High surf warning -  A High Surf Warning is issued when breaking wave action results in an especially heightened threat to life and property within the surf zone. Issued when a threat is imminent or expected to occur within 24 hours or less. Actions for protection of life and property should begin immediately. High surf criteria vary by region. Source: http://www.pdc.org/iweb/high_surf_terms.jsp When you're staying at the Hanalei Colony Resort, or anywhere on the island, keep ocean safety in mind. Want to check the National Weather Service Weather Hotline? Just call (808) 245-6001