Kauai top 10 islands for romance

c4b5346e04308f2937de0fc85f13f46e1be7177d In March of this year, Islands Magazine polled its readers on Facbook and asked "What are the most romantic islands in the world?" Listed as #1 in the Top 10 Islands for Romance were the Hawaiian Islands, specifically Kauai and Maui. These two islands were the "resounding favorites for romance" among readers who responded. The Garden Island also made it on the list of Best Islands to Live On.  "This year, Kauai wooed us with its green, mountainous heart, its rugged canyons and its lacy, white fringe of beaches. With natural beauty and a laid-back vibe, Kauai romance is an American dream come true," states the article. And that's not all. In the magazine's write up about Kauai, the Hanalei Colony Resort was listed as the place to stay, touting the Kauai resort as a place where "....you're free to luxuriate in the Old Hawaii way of life."  When you're planning your next visit to Kauai, please join us and experience the beautiful north shore.