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Once you have decided on the date and on-site location for your wedding ceremony at Hanalei Colony, we will require a $500 deposit (nonrefundable and non-transferable) to reserve it exclusively for you.

If you book three rooms or more, you will receive a wedding party discount. Plus a 7th night is offered free for all stays longer than six nights at Hanalei Colony. Contact us for specific room rates, discounts, and availability for your wedding party.

Many of our guests request a sunset wedding, which generally means starting 1 to 1½ hours before sunset. We can advise you regarding the specific time for a sunset ceremony, depending on the time of year you choose.

Check out our Wedding Packages for an idea of costs for the wedding ceremony itself. Wedding and/or Reception costs will vary a great deal depending upon how many people are in attendance and how simple or elaborate you want the arrangements to be. However, we pride ourselves on being flexible and creative, and we will do all we can to create a perfect wedding day to fit within your budget.

Hanalei Colony contracts with several experienced, reliable wedding-related vendors (florists, bakeries, photographers, musicians, etc.) to provide services for our on-site weddings. We will be happy to provide a list of our vendors to you upon your booking with us. We highly recommend that you use these vendors for your wedding at Hanalei Colony, as they have proven to be reliable and professional in working with our resort. However, you are welcome to use your own outside vendors. We require a fee of $250 per outside vendor (those you choose to use on your own), and you will be responsible to coordinate your arrangements directly with your chosen vendor(s).

The Hawaiian Islands enjoy a pleasant tropical climate year-round as well as cooling trade winds that keep the humidity at a minimum. However, tropical weather can be a bit unpredictable, and any outdoor event runs a risk of experiencing a possibility of rain or gusty winds. This is part of the adventure and beauty of an outdoor wedding in the tropics!

We are accustomed to the changeable weather and will do everything possible to provide a “back up” plan for your wedding, if needed. In case of a passing shower, we will help you take cover as best we can. Once the shower passes, we will reset and start the ceremony again. If there is a heavier or more prolonged downpour of rain or high winds, we can move the wedding party to the protected pool area for a ceremony under the covered lanai.

With rain comes rainbows, of course, and sometimes a wedding ceremony that experiences a bit of unexpected “nature” ends up being the most memorable! In the islands, we consider a sprinkling from the heavens to be a “Hawaiian blessing” on a wedding couple. And with a bit of luck (and rain), you might be the bride and groom who get that rare opportunity for a wedding day photo shoot with a real rainbow as the back drop!

Have other questions about our Kauai Island weddings? We’re happy to answer! Contact our Wedding Coordinator at or toll free 1-800-628-30041-800-628-3004 for a personal reply to your questions about our services and/or Kauai condo rentals.

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